“I see the role of a good arborist as considering the needs of both the client and the tree, and providing an effective solution that satisfies both.”
— Rob Dawson, Owner Operator

Where we can help:


Tree Pruning & Trimming

Effective tree pruning can remove damaged or defective branches, reducing the chance of them failing.  Pruning can also help to improve the overall appearance of a tree making it an asset to your property.  By carefully removing or shortening the right branches views can be restored or more light can reach your property whilst retaining a tree with good visual impact. 

Multiple Pine Crane dimantle, Pegasus Bay, NZ 088.JPG

Tree Removal

Good quality tree management is about having the right tree in the right place.  In some situations removing a tree can be the best solution as it has become unsuitable for the environment it is growing in.  We are experienced in removing trees in close proximity to houses and other valuable target.  We can adopt a variety of techniques such as rigging systems or cranes to ensure your tree is removed without damaging your property. 


Hedge Cutting

A well-trimmed hedge can provide a sharp looking background to any garden really enhancing the overall appearance of the space.  Regular trimming to keep a hedge in order helps to thicken it making it a more effective barrier.  We have the tools and skills to work on hedges of any size.


Rentals & Holiday HomeS

We can provide solutions to keep your investment property looking at its best all year round.  Regular tree management is a much more cost effective way of keeping your garden in order.  Short site visits spread throughout the year keeps your property tidy all the time.  If you live out of town we can report back after each visit so you know exactly what was done and how your property  looks.  Talk to Rob to discuss your options → 


Green Waste Removal & Chipping

A variety of options are available for dealing with the green waste generated from your job.  Smaller amounts can be removed using a trailer for processing elsewhere.  For larger amounts a chipper can be used to turn the branches into wood chip.  This can then either be removed from site or left and used as mulch to improve the soil at your property. 


Tree Planting

Tree planting is vital to ensure there are trees and woodlands for future generations.  This is especially important on sites where trees have been removed or new development sites.  We can offer advice on suitable trees for your specific site and provide a planting service if required.


House Sales

A well maintained landscape can add significant appeal to your house. Healthy trees in the right places can put buyers minds at ease at be a valuable asset to your property.  Having someone who knows what they are doing is vital to ensuring your tree stock looks at its best when it is time to sell your house.  



We are experienced in the safe and controlled removal of hazardous trees or branches following storms. We have the equipment and experience to deal with your emergency tree situation whilst preventing further damage to your property.